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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Clearly The History of Poetry is not a very good poem; It certainly is not a super deluxe good poem. I don't, however, have a problem with that . This is my problem. My usual m/o is to write a crappy poem and then moan about how crappy it is. For a while that was pretty funny, so now I'm taking it up a level. I'm moaning about how my usual m/o of moaning about how crappy my poetry is has become tired and stale. The problem is that second order moaning just isn't funny. Nor is third order moaning (which is what I was doing in the non-parenthetical part of the sentence that you are presently reading--the part of the sentence you were reading just before you got to the em dash was fourth order moaning, etc.). To make matters worse, I intentionally wrote a crappy poem, Just so I could do the whole first-order, second order, etc. thing. None of this is working. I wish I could take the whole thing back.

This settles it; super deluxe good poem-dot-whatever is undergoing major changes. From now on I'm only going to write really brilliant stuff and then I won't have to piss and moan about how it sucks. I'm starting it all off with a brand new who I'd stalk list.

Who I'd Stalk if I were an Insane Stalker--Special TV Cop Edition.
10. Mannix (Why? because it sounds like mayonnaise, but diffrerent).
9. Cheif Wiggam
8. Deputy Dawg (I can't believe they haven't promoted him after all these years).
7. Murray the Cop
6. Whatever the freak Angie Dickenson's character on Police Woman was named ( might have been "Pepper").
5. Dano
4. Super Chicken (recall that he was deputized once)
3. That hot blond lady on animal precinct.
2. Zortag (from the sci fi thriller Cops from neptune)
1. Barney Fife (an obvious choice but you got to love him!)


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