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Sunday, November 02, 2003

It's been a good while since I've posted, so even though I have nothing particularly interesting to say today, I'm gonna say something anyway. OK, here I go. I'm blogging right now. Yep, I got my blog on. I know if I keep going, inspiration will soon follow. I'm just gonna cowboy up and blog away. Here comes the inspiration, I'm beginning to feel it. Blog blog blog blog blog blog. OK.............................................................................just another minute or two.............................maybe I should approach this from a different angle. OK, I'm going to steal stuff from other blogs until I get inspiration of my own:

Dots are like candy invented during the depression (this line has had me cracking up for weeks).
And the Monkey goes to...
Pez, yum yum yum!
Blah blah blah poetics (I stole this one from either Kasey or Ron).

Alright, clearly this isn't working. Maybe I should write a haiku:

Blogging is Difficult Haiku
Cannot fucking blog.
I aint got no good ideas
Haikus piss me off

I notice that in the third line I used the word 'haikus.' This can't be right; I'm pretty sure that the plural of 'haiku' is 'haiku.' I'm too unmotivated to go back and change it, but were I to, the third line would be:

Haikus: not a word.

Maybe I should talk about Mr. Hot for a while; that always makes people happy. Mr. Hot is great. I heard that he is really a secret agent or something.

This isn't working, either. Nobody cares about Mr. Hot anymore. Sure the whole Mr. Hot thing was great for a few months (what excitement!), but now..well, I'm just clinging to the past.

Maybe an insane stalker list will get me out of my rut.

Who I Would Stalk if I Were an Insane Stalker--Special Baseball Edition.
10. Catcher
9. Designator hitter
8. Right field
7. Center field
6. Left field
5. Pitcher
4. 1st base
3. 3rd base
2. short stop
1. 2nd base

WEll, that wasn't very interesting was it. I don't think the problem was the choices I made; I was pretty much limited, since there were only ten positions to choose from and no one in their right mind would argue with pitcher as #1 (I supose that I could have plugged in a pinch hitter or utility infielder just to make things a little less predictable). No, the problem was with the whole idea in the first place. What made me think an insane stalker list where the choices were pretty much predetermined would be funny? Well, I'm giving up. Let's hope this is just a temporary problem and that soon I'll be back to my old inspired self.


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