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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Dear Readers,
Super Deluxe Good Poems has been undergoing changes recently. I pleased to announce those changes are now completed. Welcome to the new and improved Super Deluxe Good Poems. I've got brand new set of links and a new Blog O' Right Now feature. Clearly the Blog O' The Day thing wasn't working out all that well, so rather than walking around feeling like a huge bloggity failure, I opted for the open ended solution. I'm feeling pretty good about myself for the first time in months!

The first blog to be named Blog O' Right Now is Jim Berhle's Famous Monkey. Why? Three reasons: first, it's funnnnnnnnny! (the cartoons make me laugh), second, I'm lobbying for consideration for next year's Monkey awards, and finally, I know the pain of being a sports fan. So congrats to Jim!


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