Chickee Chickston's Super Deluxe Good Poems

I'm back and bloggin' less frequently than ever, baby!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Here's a super deluxe good poem with a secret messge hidden inside. For exttra poetry reading fun, see if you can find it.

Secret Place Poem
Sometimes I like to go to my secret place
and reflect on things such as love and hate.
This allows me to get in touch with my thoughts
In a special kind of way.
More so, say, t.han anything I can think of.
For example, more so than writing poetry or reading philosophy.
It's in my secret place that most of my dreams are formed.
Like the one about telling my true love of my feelings (sad clown feelings!).
Well that's all I want to tell you about my secret place.

Thanks for the suggestion, Cat. You're pretty much my blog-muse.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sometimes I like to pretend that Bill Marsh's site, SDPG, stands for "Super Deluxe Pood Goems.

I'm done lurking and I've changed my template to prove it.