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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Welcome to the "new" Super Deluxe Good Poems--Kent Johnson style. Please post things that Kent Johnson might say (or perhaps poems Kent Johnson might write) in the comments box.


At 4:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hi I'm Kent Johnson" I'm a friend of flarf, but I hate flarf. Let's explore that."

At 5:06 PM , Blogger Kent Johnson said...

" :~ ) "


At 11:34 AM , Anonymous Kent Johnson said...

my name is Kent Johnson. I like flowers & sunglasses & poetry & comment boxes.

At 3:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Kent Johnson, I must say that I am trying to maintain my sense of humor about all this, but you can only push a fellow so far with your cleverness.

So cut it out.

At 3:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no! Something's wrong. I'm Kent Johnson, but I'm not wearing Kent Johnson's pants. Where are Kent Johnson's pant? Has anyone seen Kent Johnson's pants?

At 11:37 PM , Blogger Tony said...

Apologia Pro Myne Littel Boke
for KJ

I see you there / Midwestern Spanish teacher,

mon frere, my fellow lord & liege,
purveyor of gewgaw & guffaw,

teacher of fishes, caster of reels,
justifier of God’s ways to men,

curfew enforcer against whom teenage sons rage reckless,
civil liberties trodden under size eleven Chucks.

Dead authors
hate you, purple sweater-vested fancypants!

Hast thou maad swiche divers bokes only to buckle
under pressure of expanding waistlines?—O to be obese!

O to be an obese dragon in the holy land of central Illinois!

I see you there, over by the Bruegel prints,
rubbing your ass on the Vermeer,

sucking face with that fusty Paul Klee
(but you’re not gay! I know!
it’s okay! it’s art!)

Trotting along at medium gallop, you look like a man
my mama used to bang, but half as tall & twice as wide.

You fancy the past—history makes us all such freaky icons.

St. Kent of Fredonia, of Freeport & Highland, St. of My Left Shoe, my dumb show,
my free throw, my favorite Scott Baio facsimile,

take up these leaves and read—

On this piggy snout I swear I am a churl, a gnarl, a piston, a pustule, a boy named Carl…

tenderly you touch me as a father.

At 8:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kent. I don't write poems. I write inside jokes. ::shrug:: I'm so controversial even my mustache makes people upset.


At 5:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a real left winger 'cause I've been down south and held peasants in my arms. I could tell you stories that could make you cry. What about you?

K-E-N-T spells . . .

At 8:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Kent Johnson, and I am an expert at guerilla marketing. I write poems with people's names in them so they'll buy my books.

I learned it from the Sandanistas!

At 3:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The epigrammatist can only feel flattered!

:~ )


At 3:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, it's Sandinistas, not Sandanistas. When were you chickies born, anyway? 1984?

:~ )


At 5:36 PM , Blogger Behrle, Prince of Trolls said...

what's with the fucking sideways faces? Is Kent ~retarded~ as well as being a complete DOUCHEBAG?

vote for your favorite comment field douchebag at


At 7:46 PM , Anonymous Kent Johnson said...

I see you baby!!! Shakin' that ass! Shakin' that ass!

At 12:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Imranu Gikwdfoi from the Planet Wdugiu! Throw me in a wire cage and take a crap on my moustache!

--Imranu Gikwdfoi

At 4:50 PM , Blogger slim dubious said...

I don't know Kent and don't care. I want some original SDGPs, goddammit. You've certainly got enough inspiration for some utterly ridiculous haiku, one would think.

At 4:51 PM , Blogger slim dubious said...

kent is kinda foxy, no?


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