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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Here's another super deluxe good poem

Just Fucking Do It
In order to properly read this poem
you must be standing on one foot
facing southwest
with your right hand extended upward
but your right elbow must be bent downward
the foot that is not touching the ground
should be pointing downward
your lips must be puckered
now wink twice with your left eye
followed by a single wink with your right eye
repeat this three times
at this point you should be remembering the last time you
thought about which spelling of ketchup/catsup you prefer
now stop thinking about that and adjust your eyeglasses
if you don't have eyeglasses
then sing the alphabet backwards
stopping at Q and starting up again at E
unless you are catholic in which case
you should say five "hail marys"
in either the "wassup" voice from the beer commercials
or in the "hellllooo" voice from that episode of Seinfeld where they said "hellllooo"


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