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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Jean writes "Ah! A ludic interlude! Ever hear of Kangaroo Boxing? Kasey and Chickee seem to be engaged in a marsupial sparring match. But hey -- what's this "My" Kangaroo bizness???!!"

I just want to come clean: I don't have a kangaroo. Here's how I came to use the word 'my' in connection with a kangaroo. Iwas inspired by Michael MaGee's "My Angie Dickenson." I had intended to start a second blog called "My Captain Kangaroo." Being both very busy and very lazy I decided on a super deluxe good poem instead. Eventually I settled on "My Kangaroo." I apologize to those who have been hurt by my appropriation of an innopcent and unsuspecting fictitious kangaroo. I won't do it again. Coming soon: My thing-that's-not-a-kangaroo. Stay tuned.


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