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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Kasey writes,
"Whoa! Chick, you saw 95 Brains in Modesto? That must have been at Dazzle’s Underground, right? You didn’t come just to see us, I’m sure, or we would have known you. Were you a friend of the late great Brent Cook (Problem Fish), or were you there with that band that opened, Sins of the Flesh?

I’m afraid your memory doesn’t serve you very well. We were terrible."

Yeah! Dazzles Underground was the place. It used to be called the "Fable Room." Saw a lot of cool bands there back in the day: The Vandles, Skipper's Bone, The Spies, Virgin Mary's Diary, DSFA. I didn't go there to see any band in particular. I just liked the scene (compared to the alternatives in Modesto at the time). I knew Brent (a little bit). It's really sad. You guys weren't so bad (again, compared to the choices in Modesto at that time). I remember you had a bunch of people on stage.


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